Job Rocker sound turns off at low volume levels

Have had an original block rocker for years... good product.

Bought Job Rocker Plus for garage / work shop music, and after testing became satisfied with it as well.

But...I set it to a low volume level (like first notch, background music) and after about 30 minutes noticed the sound had stopped. All lights were still on and the radio was still showing the FM station. I turned the volume up and it suddenly came on...loud.
So I reset it to the 1st notch low listening level and went back to work. About 20 minutes later...same thing. No sound, all other lights and indications normal. Turned volume up and down and it came back on.

I took it back to costco and got another it home...same thing.

It acts like it goes to sleep at low volume levels. Like if you had it in the kitchen of your house and not blasting at a job site in the open.

Is this a ..."feature"? Can it be overridden? I often leave it on all day as background music while I'm working (plugged in all the time) and it's too loud for the garage if it's turned up, and shuts off if it's at low levels.

What's up?

Patman Lewisville Texas
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