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IONTTUSB10 - Mac OSX 10.1.6 - El Capitan - 4 Gig memory ---- Good to go?

I have an unopened IONTTUSB10 turntable purchased quite a few years ago (2009?).

I have a few remaining cassette tapes and LP's that I would like to convert to iTunes with my Macbook Pro. Am I "good to go" with my legacy ION product? Any suggestions? Advice?

Good to go???
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  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks for posting. Yes, you should be good go! The TTUSB10 and EZ Vinyl Tape Converter software are officilly supported for use on El Capitan. The only thing that I would make sure of is that you're using the latest version of the EZ Vinyl Tape Converter software, as the version that's on the disc that came included with your product is likely out of date. You can download the latest version by visiting www.ionaudio.com/ezvc
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