DUNK stuck in mono mode


I had my DUNK in stereo mode. Then something happened and they are not linking to each other.

I have gone through the pairing steps several times. Only one claims it has paired to the other. The blue LED flashing confirms that the other DUNK has not found its peer.

Is there a way to fully reset the DUNK to start over?

Then when I turn my Samsung BT back on, I see two DUNK not just one, which confirms they are not in stereo.
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  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for posting. Follow these steps below to link your two Dunk speakers to each other:

    1. Power on both Dunks.
    Note: In order to use TWS mode, you cannot have a Bluetooth device connected. If one speaker is connected to a Bluetooth device, break the connection by pressing and holding Volume – and Volume +.
    2. With no Bluetooth device connected (blue LEDs on both speakers will blink), on one Dunk press and hold Volume – and Volume + until you hear a short 3 tone melody; repeat this for the second Dunk. The melody will indicate the Dunks are searching for each other to link as their blue LEDs begin to blink fast.
    3. Wait about 10-30 seconds for the Dunks to find each other. Once ‘linked’, one Dunk will say “Paired” (if the voice prompts are enabled).
    4. When the Dunks are wirelessly linked to play in stereo, on your Bluetooth device turn on Bluetooth, and connect to “DUNK”.
    5. Once paired, you will hear “Paired” (if the voice prompts are enabled) and audio can now play out of both speakers in stereo.
    • In TWS Mode: UI Controls on both speakers will be active.
    • To exit TWS mode, press and hold Volume + and Volume – until the speaker goes back into pairing mode saying “Ready to Pair”.
    • In TWS mode, press Power to turn off both speakers. 

    I've also included a video here that will show and walk you through the whole process.
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